Moving House?

Do it the easy way

Hire a Furniture Removalist!

Hire a Removalist

While a team of professional men and women pack, lift, load and deliver your boxes, furniture and homewares, you could spend the time doing a light session at the gym

Gunna do it yourself?

Ok, well after work each night you best start packing. Get everything into boxes, stack and pack well to avoid breakages. Then put the call out to a heap of mates to help out on the big moving day... Good Luck!

Removalists do a great job

When you make the decision to spend the money on hiring a team of professional furniture removalists, once the move is done and the hard work is over, you can party!

If you do carry out your own furniture removal, you could put the savings towards a 5, 6 or 8 person hot tub.

You could even use the spa bath as a lure to entice your friends to help with the packing, loading and the big move.

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Spas Direct Australia

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Once you have moved into your new home, you could look at buying a true entertainment centre piece, a Swim Spa or Spa Pool can provide a great excuse to invite a bunch of friends over for a spa and a swim, especially on those warmer days... Ahhh so relaxing!

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